On 26th May 2015 dissemination workshop was held at International University of Sarajevo (IUS). This workshop was intended to disseminate project results to the wider public. General Secretary of IUS, Mr. Emir Hadžikadunic welcomed the audience, and expressed university’s satisfaction with project accomplishments. Project manager, Ms. Jasminka Hasic Telalovic gave overview of project aims and overall success in project implementation.  Partner schools presented their involvement and achievements during the implementation of the project. 
JU Mixed Secondary School Živinice enrolled 20 students, out of which 19 successfully completed Level V training, while JU Secondary School for Environment and Wood Design Sarajevo enrolled 13 students and 6 successfully completed the training. 
To carry out new program, both schools upgraded human and technical capacity using project funding. The workshop was also used to promote the book “Level V Curriculum Development in BiH, Curriculum for  ‘Master carpenter  CNC machine programmer’ ”, which revises all steps needed to be made in order to register and implement Level V program in BiH.

Certificate Award Ceremony for teachers from JU Secondary School for Environment and Wood Design Sarajevo, took place at IUS on 24th May 2015. The training was held in September 2014 and January 2015. Teachers accomplished training in state of the art software and methods needed for implementation of the pilot project.

Two day meeting with Advisory Body and partner schools was held in Konjic. The goal of the meeting was to present the current stage of the project and to provide an outline of issues that need to be completed until project completion. Ramiz Glavic, director of Secondary Mixed School Živinice and Ibrahim Karadžic, deputy director of Secondary School for Environment and Wood Design Sarajevo,  held a presentation where they have summarized Level V. implementation in each school.

Implementation of Level V pilot programme was held on 09th and 30th March 2015 at Mixed Secondary School Zivince and Secondary School for Environment and Wood Design Sarajevo respectively.  Intensive courses were held during late afternoon hours and on weekends to accommodate free time of working candidates.

 “Secondary School for Environment and Wood Design Sarajevo” 19.02.2015 has received an approval from the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth” of Sarajevo Canton to apply Level V qualification curriculum for the profession “Programmer on CNC machines” ( „Majstor stolar-programer na CNC mašinama“).